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2D-wide Safety Consulting

Disaster management risk assessments (5000+ risk assessments) in six local government areas for the NSW State Emergency Management Committee roll out of a new risk management process

This task involved realigning the NSW State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) direction to make risks ‘community’ focussed and not generally focussed as each community is different. Representatives from each of the combat and associated support agencies (police, ambulance, rural fire service, NSW Fire Brigade, Council representatives, National Parks and Wildlife, etc) were gathered to collaborate on the risk assessments. CSI trained the participants and facilitated a range of risk assessments to get everyone thinking in the same direction. This was done in each of the Local Government areas. In one area the contract required community consultation whereby a series of explanatory talks and facilitated discussions were aimed at gaining knowledge and feedback from a community perspective. Another major output was the engagement of software engineers to create a database of the individual local government areas risks by community, risk, risk score and controls. This database has been used on a number of occasions to assist in the prioritisation of risk controls and to review changing risk profiles.