0400 367 106 - Mr Brett Wood, CEO and Principal Consultant
2D-wide Safety Consulting


Australian Institue od Enviromental Health
Lecturer and Manager “Defence Medical Officers Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence (NBCD) Course”
Australian Institute of Environmental Health
Asbestos in Asian Countries Conference, University of Environmental and Occupational Health in conjunction with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Kitakyushu, Japan
Initiator, lecturer and course manager for the “Defence Ionising Radiation Protection Officers Course”
Lecturer in OHS to “Navy and Air Force Commanders” courses and the “Air Force Command and Staff Course”
(4 days of lectures prepared and presented)
(two day sessions) delivered to industry in many different forums
for Qantas, Questacon and Trackstar railway construction
in environmental health, safety, emergency management and risk management